June 24, 2009

summer lightning

There are lots of storms every year, but only a small handful that come from just the right direction and with enough lightning firepower to make it worth dragging myself out of my apartment after midnight to shoot. Last Wednesday night/Thursday morning a line of storms converged from almost all sides around Athens and I headed out to see what I could get. There are very few beautiful skylines in Athens. The only lovely view that is also perfectly positioned in front of a parking deck is that of City Hall. Storms rarely come from the North behind City Hall so when one does you take advantage no matter the hour. I didn't get anything the first hour or so. Then suddenly the storm was on top of me and the rain drenched me and my gear in seconds. I retreated to my car until the worst had passed. I was thrilled to see that when I emerged another chunk of the storm was heading past to the North just missing Athens. I waited an hour shooting 200 or so 10-20 second exposures as lightning was popping on both sides of City Hall, but not getting any in my frame. Finally one big beautiful bolt ripped through the sky in just the right place making it all worth the while. 

Lightning electrifies the sky behind City Hall as a line of thunderstorms moves through Athens early Thursday June 18, 2009. Over 4,000 people lost power in Northeast Georgia during the storm.

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