November 12, 2009

sportrait catch-up

Lately I've struggled with creativity in my high school sportraits. I haven't invested the time into planning like I once did. Most of them I only think on the road to the school or just decide when I get there. That isn't the whole problem though. I've done that in the past and ideas pop in my head when I need them. The last few I've shot I've arrived and had that frozen feeling of not knowing what to do, so I just do something. As long as it is decent enough to carry a page I've done my job, but this doesn't satisfy me. I've driven off from a couple high school parking lots feeling like I failed. I don't like that feeling.
Today I finally had a breakthrough. I was out at Clarke Central to shoot their star defensive players Devante Derricotte and Jordan Pierce. I had no idea what I was going to do. Even as they were walking towards me my brain was still at work trying to iron out a plan. Then I noticed some mud left from the recent flooding rains. These guys were friendly, enthusiastic and on board with slamming their facemasks into the mud and then growling at me from the muddy helmets. Thanks to these fun guys after weeks of dissatisfaction I got a sportrait I like.

Winder-Barrow QB Christian Davila

Winder-Barrow QB Christian Davila

Prince Avenue Christian's Taylor Clark

Prince Avenue Christian's Taylor Clark

Cedar Shoals running back James Gordan, left, and Clarke Central wide receiver Dimitri Holmes

Jefferson's Lucas Redd

Jackson County quarterback Jalen Banks

Jackson County quarterback Jalen Banks

Clarke Central linebackers Jordan Pierce, right, and Devante Derricotte ranked first and second, respectively, in tackles for the Gladiators this season.

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